• What is an incident response plan?

    Eisenhower famously said, “Plans are worthless, but planning is everything.” This means that going through details from the beginning is a useful exercise even if the plan evolves and changes when it’s time to act.

  • I want everything in the cloud, so why do I still need a server in the office?

    OK. You’re a exec working at a small business, and you’ve decided you want to move everything to “the cloud”. You have great reasons: you want the scalability, the availability, you’re willing to pay for it, so let’s do it, right? You ask your systems admin to give you a plan, and when you get it back you see there will still be a server in the server room! What! Why?!

  • Basic Questions to Ask Yourself About Data Protection

    When I’m talking to people about cybersecurity, one of the questions I encourage them to ask themselves (and their team) is, “How are we protecting our digital assets?” To answer this question, you need to know what your assets are, where they are stored, and what you need to protect them from.

  • Ad Blocking: A How-To

    I have been using ad-blocking technologies for over ten years now… I am so used to it, that when I sit at a fresh computer without any adblocking I am shocked at how terrible the web browsing experience is without it! This post explains at a high level what ad blocking is, how it works, why it’s important, and how to implement an effective solution on your own.

  • Hardware and Software I Use For Work

    When people find out you work “with computers”, you start getting asked for recommendations for various tools (regardless of whether these tools relate to whatever your “with computers” job encompasses). Here’s my list!

  • The First Rule of Camping

    The first rule of camping is, go camping with someone who runs slower than you.
  • Do Not Reuse Passwords

    When you sign up for a new online service and need to pick a password, who do you think can see your password? Ideally, the answer is “just you”, but is is wrong to assume this.
  • You Must Train Your Users on Cybersecurity

    Your network is invincible... Or it would be, if it weren't for those darn users! Security is everybody's responsibility, and the IT department's job is to provide the tools.
  • Achievable BYOD Security

    I've outlined four different "levels" of BYOD. Learn more about practical ways to secure your employees' personal devices as it relates to your corporate data.
  • The Anatomy of Email Spoofing

    How did they get my address? What can I do? And... How the heck does this actually happen?
  • Must-Have Tools for Association and Nonprofit IT Departments

    Part of my job at DelCor is to perform IT assessments for associations and nonprofit organizations. No matter what size they are, many of them, even the large organizations, are missing some key IT tools.

  • How to handle and prevent the use of Shadow IT by association staff

    What percentage of your organization’s staff uses cloud-based “rogue” applications or services?